The Love Story of Carly and Jack

1997 - Molly Conlan was desperate for a reunion with her childhood sweetheart, Holden Snyder, and arranged a job for him in Montana to train horses.  Jack Snyder accompanied Holden on the trip and Molly secretly stowed away in the truck that took them to the job in Montana and to Molly's cousin Carly Tenney.  Jack had a crush on Molly but his attraction to Carly was undeniable and the sparks flew! Their words said they couldn't stand each other but the electric looks exchanged said something quite different.  Once they were back in Oakdale they started growing closer as Carly told Jack about the miscarriage she had suffered but she soon pulled away.  She took a job working for Hal at the OPD and hoped for a relationship with Hal that was much more than professional.  She had a time limit to become pregnant if she was to meet Rosanna's deadline to have a child by 1999 with anyone other than Mike and to get $50 million.  Jack started to question her motives and despite spending more time together during a sting operation, Carly continued to pursue Hal.

1998 - Holden was falsely accused of setting the church on fire and beating up Molly.  Carly worked with Jack to prove that a dirty cop, Joe Teague, was actually the one that had committed the crimes.  Searching for evidence, they wound up trapped in the cold in a shed at Teague's cabin and fought to survive.  Jack told Carly she was wrong in settling for security instead of love.  As Carly became delirious from the cold, she told Jack of her past mistakes and why she felt she didn't deserve to be loved.  After disagreeing with her, Jack revealed his true feelings for her.  No sooner did they escape than Teague returned.  After stabbing Jack he turned to Carly, but Ben and Lucinda arrived just in time.  Jack's injuries were life threatening.  Despite their strong attraction the clock was ticking for Carly.  Since Jack could not make love due to his injuries, she agreed to marry Hal.  Despite an intense argument on her wedding day with Jack, and then being overcome by fumes during the ceremony, she still eventually went through with the wedding.

 The clock was ticking and Carly was still not pregnant, so Dr. John Dixon suggested artificial insemination.  At the same time a  heartbroken Jack met Julia Lindsey on a train and befriended her as she was trying to escape from her family and her fiancée Prince Xavier.  When a pregnant Carly learned that Jack and been injured in Chicago, she secretly went to see Jack, who confessed his love for Carly, something he would forget telling her.  As Carly became more jealous of the growing relationship between Jack and Julia, she came up with the idea of marrying Jack and having John falsify the records, showing Jack to be the father of her unborn baby.  Jack got wind of the plan and refused to go along with it.

Hal started having some doubts about Carly and wondered if he could trust her.  After Hal decided to leave Carly, she pleaded with Rosanna to let her divorce Hal but keep the trust fund anyhow. Rosanna refused the request.  A fight with Rosanna caused her to put Carly in a psych ward, but John got her freed.  After some investigating, Hal learned of the trust fund and Carly's plan, and turned to Barbara once again for comfort.  Carly realized that if Hal was not the father, if she still married the real father, she could still claim the trust fund.  A shocked Carly soon learned that John had been the sperm donor.  John agreed to marry Carly with the condition that he be given custody of the child.  Carly agreed but had no intention of keeping the promise.  After a failed attempt to setup John and Lisa to make it appear John was cheating on her, Carly asked for Jack's help in getting out of town and away from John.  Instead she was stranded by a storm and with the help of Julia, Jack delivered Carly's son, Parker Joseph at 11:59 PM just in time to meet Rosanna's demand.

1999 - A paternity test, which Molly had secretly switched, proved that John was the father of Parker.  Carly got the trust fund and her first purchase was a new home, Fairwinds.  Carly also befriended Brad Snyder, Jack's brother, in the hopes that he could help her find some information that would help her win custody over John.  The fact that it made Jack jealous was just an added bonus. When John tried to get sole custody of Parker, Jack came through for Carly and helped her to retain custody by proving that John was lying.  In the meantime, Brad tried to get Carly to give up on Jack.  Brad was very attracted to Carly, but she did not return the feeling, Jack had been growing closer to Julia, and finally asked her to marry him, unaware that she was addicted to pain pills. The relationship wouldn't last after Jack learned Julia had lied about killing David Stenbeck and with a little help from Carly.

Brad learned from Molly that she had switched the paternity tests.  Brad then blackmailed Carly into marrying him with the fear that she would lose Parker if the truth came out.  Brad's motive was the money and although he was attracted to Carly, her heart was still with Jack and the marriage was in name only and not consummated.  One night Carly got trapped in a wine cellar with Jack.  Carly and Jack couldn't deny their feelings for each other and were on the verge of making love when Hal and Barbara came to get some wine. Jack and Carly secretly met at a boathouse where Jack was restoring a boat he had named True Love. They finally gave into their feelings and made loved and declared they love for each other.  So that Carly would always find her way back to him, Jack gave her a compass, a symbol that would last forever for them.  As time went on, Jack was getting closer to the truth of what the hold was that Brad had over Carly and Carly feared they would never be together.  Carly even agreed to have sex with Brad in order to get him to give her a divorce, when she felt when would never be with Jack. Carly decided to leave town and secretly met Jack at the  boathouse to say goodbye.  Jack begged her not to leave and swore he would find her.  Unable to deny their feelings, they made love.  Unbeknownst to them, Brad saw them but quietly snuck away.  Brad finally agreed to give Carly a divorce but he had a plan.  When Jack and Carly showed up together at the engagement party for Hal and Barbara, Brad also arrived and shared the news that Parker was really Hal's child, along with letting Jack know he and Carly had slept together.  Totally disgusted, Jack left in anger and swore this time he was really done with Carly for good.

Carly immediately lost everything and have to start all over again with nothing, not even a place to live.  She got a job at Al's Diner and slept there after it closed.  Eventually Jack took pity on her but at the same time was impressed by how she was trying to turn her life around.  He talked is aunt Emma into letting Carly stay at the Snyder farm.  He also wanted to give their relationship another chance.  He insisted though there would be no more secrets between them.  He made a bet with Carly that she could not go three months without lying.  Carly gladly accepted the challenge and with Jack's support, she won the bet.  Jack surprised her on Christmas Eve by taking her to some land on a hilltop that he had just purchased for their future dream home and called it Carly's Prize, putting her name on the deed.  He then proposed to Carly who happily accepted.

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