Jun 30 2009

Some Updates

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WordPress has done some updates that I wanted to let you know about.

The first one is cosmetic.  You can now use “gravatars” with your comments.  These are global avatars.  If you don’t have one the gray/white mystery man shows.  If you want to use one, go to gravatar.com and register with the email you use here.  You will be able to upload a picture that you want associated with your email and wherever you post that uses garvatars, like here, it will automatically show up.

The other change is functional and I think would make it easier to follow chapters in fan fiction.  Posts can now be threaded and you have the option to reply to the main post or to a comment.  This way new chapters can be a comment and people can reply to that instead of to the main post and hopefully keep it easier to see new chapters.

To make it easier to understand I’ll demonstrate.  In the original post like this, you can write the beginning of your fan faiction or a little description about it.

Please click on comments to see now this works.

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Nov 28 2008

New FanFic: True North

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And…it’s over! I hope you all have been enjoying it as much as I did writing it. Never forget that you all were my original inspiration to do this (especially you P.J.). Love you guys!!

UPDATED 7/16/09 – CHAPTER 73: Epilogue ADDED

link to profile: http://www.fanfiction.net/~jaclynparker 

or direct link to latest chapter: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4683434/73/

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Nov 02 2008


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Jack and Janet’s wedding day has finally arrived. Will Carly be able to let him go? Or will she give in to Temptation and follow her heart?

 Chapter 22 added  8/10….

….the link… http://www.fanfiction.net/~parkerjoe



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Sep 14 2008

Welcome to CarJack Fan Fiction!

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Welcome to the fan fiction blog dedicated to Carly Tenney and Jack Snyder, or the super couple known as CarJack!

If you were able to write a story for Carly and Jack what would it be? Get creative and share with other CarJack fans!

If you have any problems or suggestions, please Contact Me.     Continue Reading »

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Oct 19 2009

New Fanfic: Family Imperfect

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Hi guys! Here is the first chapter of my new fanfic, the sequel to True North. I really hope you guys like it!


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Dec 24 2008

Making My Way Back to You

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UPDATE: 10/17/2009

I had finished this story. i wrote the ending in a notebook that I lost, which is why it has been unfinished so long. I do not remember the story from memory so I’ll let this story stay unfinished. I didn’t really like the direction I was taking it, and I was forcing myself to write it. I will write a new one, I haven’t decided what it’ll be about. I just don’t have the time.   What I will do, if I decide to write a new one is write ten chapters out. That way even when I’m not writing I’ll still have chapters to post and be ahead.

Sorry to those who are waiting for me to update.  I’ll make it up to ya’ll with a new CarJack vid???  Hmmmm who knows…

NOTE: So I finally updated after a long time. I apologize. Between school and my job I’ve been very busy. Not only that I’ve been trying to figure out where I wanted this story to go.  With that being said. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Ch. 13 added 05/05/2009


Direct Link:


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Dec 11 2008

Making My Way Back to You

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Originally posted by— JaYNiQuE @ 10:29 pm

What happened after Carly and Jack’s night of passion? What did Jack’s note say?

UPDATE: Ch 2 Now Up!!


UPDATE 12/11: Chapter 3 NOW UP!


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Dec 11 2008

Trying Not to Remember

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Originally posted by forgottendreams57

Thought I would give fanfic writing an attempt. Haven’t done this in a long time…enjoy!


We cannot change our memories, but we can change their meaning and the power they have over us.

David Seamans

Dark liquid sloshed over the edge of the glass, splashing to the bars counter top. Blue eyes watched as the napkin beneath the glass, soaked up the liquor she had hoped would numb the burning ache she felt in her heart. But after the third glass, it did no such thing.

It only made her long more for the one she couldn’t have.

“Heard you were here.” Continue Reading »

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Dec 11 2008

Making my Way Back to You

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Originally posted by JaYNiQuE

An Unexpected visitor, and one night of passion. Can CarJack make
their way back to each other or will it tear them apart?
Chapter 1

As the rain danced outside of the window, Carly sat on her bed thinking about everything that had happened in the last couple of years. Since returning to Oakdale, her life has been a constant roller coaster ride. No one, not even Jack understood how she felt how hard it is to pretend that everything is okay. Everyone around her is able to feel things, able to be emotional; but not her. She always had to be in control, always had to be strong…For Carly; she could not risk being weak. Her kids expected her to always have things under control…She had to be super Mom. Carly reflected on all that had happened. The misdiagnosis, getting Jack back only to lose him again, the Kit and Sam drama, and now Jack is getting married…again. She doesn’t understand how Jack can possibly be in love with another woman when said he loves her. She truly loves Jack with everything that she is, but she also knew she could not spend the rest of her life waiting on him to figure things out. If Janet is the woman he wants to be with then fine. Carly realized that she is tired. She is tired of people always putting their problems on her shoulders. She is tired of everyone blaming her for all the problems in the world. She is really tired of Jack treating her the way he does and constantly throwing her mistakes in her face. They expect the words to just roll off her shoulders. She is done pretending. No more will she take the constant abuse from people in her life. It is time for her to put herself first…after her kids that is. Continue Reading »

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Dec 11 2008

Site Update

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I have no idea what happened that messed up the layout of the page. I’m going to work on how to fix that. It is possible I may have to take it offline for a bit to do that but it will return and hopefully nothing lost!

Stay tuned!


Something happened with one of the posts that unfortunately messed up the page, so I had to delete several. I copied them and saved them however. I will post them again today but you will see them posted by me with credit to you. Sorry for the confusion.

Everything that I had to delete is now back!

Happy posting!

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Oct 23 2008

Jack and Carly getting back together

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I have never done anything like this before, so bear with me. I have been watching Jack and Carly from the beginning and I remember just about everything they’ve been through. If I were writing the story this is how it would go. Jack is talking with Janet about their wedding when he begins to have a flashback of his wedding to Carly. Just then Janet asks Jack, “what are you thinking about” and Jack says, I was thinking about what a beautiful bride you are going to be.” But Janet knows he is lying. Then later that day, Parker realizes that he does want his parents to be together and decides to set them up. He tells Jack that he wants them to have a talk, just the three of them, before Jack gets married, and he says okay. Continue Reading »

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