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Posting Tips

1.  You must be registered to post.
2.  Click on create content from the side menu.
3.   You will have a choice of whether you want to do a Book, Page or Story.  A Page is something like this with site information so that won't apply for you.  If you want to write a multi chapter sotry, then choose Book.  After the first chapter, it will autopmatically create links for you to additional chapters and that should make it much easier to follow.
If you are just writing a one chapter fan ficiton, then choose story.
4.  The WYSIWYG editor will load automatically so it should make it easy for you.
5.  To comment just look for the comment link at the end of the story or the chapter of a book.
6.  To create paragraphs, be sure to double space between then.  It you don't hit enter twice, you won't get a space between paragraphs.