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Family Imperfect Prologue

Family Imperfect: Prologue
by Jaclyn Parker
“Evil is just a point of view.”
~Anne Rice
The dark figure watched from the shadows as the guards searched the grounds, intent on finding their missing patient. He knew that, by now, the Cabot woman’s sister had been called and more than likely his message had been relayed.
He wished he could have seen the look on Carly Snyder’s face when they announced that her precious sister had been taken. That sense of shock and loss would have been beautiful to behold on such a gorgeous creature. He never did understand how that stupid Oakdale cop had managed to land such an amazing woman but sometimes one could not account for taste. His, for instance, ran mostly to the brunette but the occasional redhead and blonde appealed to him too. It was more their personalities that he found stimulating and he had vowed to find that perfect woman to compliment his desires.
He might have gotten what he wanted a few days earlier, but he had been too eager when inspecting thehouse in Canada and not been as tidy as he usually was. Consequently, Nicole Davidson had fled from the area with her son before he had gotten a chance to...get to know her better. But, in the end, it did not matter. He knew that they had run away to Oakdale where the woman thought the boy would be safe.
Safe? What a silly line of thinking. Of course young Joshua would be safe. He would never harm a hair on that child’s head. He was, after all, the Stenbeck heir. And now it was only a matter of time before he was back where he belonged and everything would be exactly how it was supposed to be.
Chuckling to himself, the man rolled his neck and turned to walk back to his dark van across the street, the letters displayed on the side observable for all to see. Incidentally they were the same as the ones that were imprinted on the dark blue jumpsuit that he wore; taken off another man, whose body they undoubtedly wouldn’t find for at least a few months…around the first thaw of spring.
He nodded his head to a passing police officer who merely flicked his eyes in his direction dismissively before hurrying towards the large prestigious clinic, a voice screeching at him in Swiss through his raised walkie-talkie.
With a soft happy whistle, the man climbed into the running vehicle and pulled out into the early morning streets just as another one, identical to his, passed him going to the other way. Taking an on-ramp to the highway, he chuckled again, knowing that it would only be a matter of a couple of hours before they all realized their mistake.
That the license plate of the crime scene van that had been running out front of the clinic earlier wasn’t really associated with the private security agency that had been called in to help with the investigation.
He wasn’t worried though, because by the time they put out a call to the official police he, and the sleeping cargo he held in the back of his van, would be long gone. They would be on their way to the United States and a small town called Oakdale so he could finally lay claim to what was rightfully his.