Temptation---ch 25 added 12/15

If you could write your own story for Carly and Jack, what would it be?

Temptation---ch 25 added 12/15

Postby P.J. on Tue Jul 23, 2013 2:03 am

Hello my fellow Carjackians!! It's been a long time. I'm sure you've miss them and ATWT as much as I do. I've been thinking about them a lot lately, and to make a long-winded story short...started typing. :D

If you've forgotten (and it's been a long, LONG time between chapters) here's the link to it at ffnet. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5221349/1/Temptation

Or...in a nutshell, Jack had the good sense to NOT marry Janet, and is in the process of winning Carly back. :devil

It had always been hard to think around Jack.

Even in those first moments--- under the unforgiving Montana sun, his new steel-toed work boots glossy against sandy dirt of the ol' Double X, the olive green t-shirt surreptitiously molding to his chest with every disbelieving huff he threw in Molly's direction---Carly felt a dangerous rioting of thoughts in her head. Her well rehearsed "explanations" turned to sawdust, coating her tongue like a honky-tonk dance floor. And suddenly Molly's childish plot for Holden seemed minor to learning the mystery man's name.

And then he looked at her. Not through her.

Since childhood, she had fought to be seen---even before she understood why---as herself. Not some reflection of Sheila Washburn, Musselshell's notorious wild child. She understood now her father had been caught in a foggy jumble of hurt and love. It was Lee and her ilk that had kept Carly chained to mother's ghost; cursed by blood and branded as trouble.

A lot of things had changed since the day they'd met. But not that lightheaded, flutter in the stomach, snap-and-crackle connection. Now she simply embraced the tumult like the radiant sun on a tropical beach.

Of course, some times were still harder than others....hot, sweaty and wrapped around Jack like fine Italian leather being at the top of that list.

Jack ran his thumb along her jaw before smiling and kissing her between raspy breaths. "Hello, stranger."

Carly wound her arm around his neck, as much to bring them closer as to alleviate some twinge right under her shoulder blade. Noting her office door needed to be looked at before greeting her G-man there again, she couldn't help but melt at the slow smirk crinkling in the corners of his smile. When it was good, it was very, very good. If you couldn't smirk after great, volcanic sex....what was the point?

"And you are ?...." she teased.

He growled, spinning her across the room. The springs of her office couch sagged audibly; yielding as they toppled into its leathery caress. One moment she was laughing with delight, feeling like some adult-rated version of a ravaged princess, the next her toes were curling as he took possession of her mouth, his kiss leaving her breathless.

At the end of April, it was four months into this passion. It was still their secret. There had been a couple of speculative looks here and there---Lily especially---but after a couple of denials and with no obvious movement, the looks and questions dwindled away. The calm written off as a rare cooperative period between the two.

So Jack continued to bunk at the farm. They carried on the charade of splitting time with the kids, but little by little they were recentering the family in Milltown. Jack used his odd work hours as an excuse to stay at the house while Carly worked, occassionally (but not too often) sleeping in the den overnight.

But the kids were still in the dark. Which didn't set well with either of them, but for different reasons.

"You changed shampoo," Jack said, kissing her nape, where silken strands of hair laid plastered against her skin. She was soft and pliable beneath him, effortlessly conquering his senses with each ragged breath, every possessive touch, every sizzling glance coming from beneath her eyelashes.

She smiled, pleased that the subtle rarely escaped Jack's notice. Carly arched into him, content to feel his hot breath on her neck as she swept her hands over the hard and fluid lines of his body. "You're supposed to be in Indiana," she added, curling her nails into flesh as he nipped lightly at the spot that always stirred up her deepest, darkest hunger.

The flip side of the secrecy was time together was plotted and carried out with the stealth usually reserved for matters of national security. Which made it just a little hotter, if they were honest with themselves. They didn't need any help in that department, but the anticipation made an already potent situation explosive.

Not to mention, it had been eighteen days since they'd had a chance to grab anything more than a quick kiss.

"Last minute plea deal. And three hours, twenty eight minutes later, here I am."

"You could have driven back in the morning."

"Indianapolis isn't that interesting," Jack retorted, propping himself up on an elbow. He loved this---the intimacy of the moment, the way Carly's skin glowed and her eyes smouldered after they'd made love. He missed having the luxury of time with her. It was an old dilemma that always seemed to find new ways to rear its ugly head.

"Never been." Carly held her breath as Jack's fingers traced over her still tingling flesh. They dipped and swirled, sometimes barely hovering over her skin, other times bold and possessive. Random pathways; expertly provocative.

She might have actually purred.

A hot flush crept over her body, the enticement edging over into frustration. "I missed you." The small admission was rewarded; Carly could feel the smile on his lips as Jack ran his tongue over her taunt nipple. "Ooohh..." came out in a soft, throaty moan. Threading her fingers through his hair she guided him to the other side, coming to a pant as he matched the pulsating rhythm in the deepest core of her being.

What had been---the fast and furious discarding of clothing with no more than a hello before he'd backed her against the office door---was now a deliberate seduction. Writhing hot and slick underneath him, Jack sank his tongue into her mouth as his thumb found her clitoris, feeling Carly tremble and the intuitively shift her hips to add to the friction.

Carly dragged her mouth away, curling one arm around his neck as she focused on the pleasure building deep in her belly. Her other hand instinctively sought out his erection. A smothered growl signaled her success; the hard ridge flourishing against her soft caress.

Sensing a shift in power, she nudged Jack onto his back, throwing a leg over his hip to straddle him. The heaving of his chest matching hers, Carly tossed her head back, wet her lips, and with one vivid movement, rose up and guided him into her body.

Time splintered; each shard a moment and an eternity. They were the only constants, tethered by bonds mysteriously unfathomable, yet as clear and defined as iron.

Muted shadows carved the office walls while they laid, wrung out and crumpled together in a boneless jumble.

Wearily, Carly laid one arm across his chest and propped her chin on it. With the other, she softly brushed his hair aside with her fingers. "Welcome home, G-man."

It was on the tip of his tongue to remind her they weren't "home", or stretched out in the queen sized bed they'd picked out together a week after he'd brought her and Parker there to live so many years ago. And if they were, they would be like this each and every night. Or at least any time the spirit moved them.

But this wasn't the time or place for that discussion.

"You were on my mind all the way back. My plan was to go straight to the farm, sack out for a couple of hours. Then show up on your doorstep in the morning with something delicious you couldn't refuse."

He was something delicious she couldn't refuse. Knowing how corny that sounded in her own head, Carly thanked God Molly was the one without an edit button, not her. "Sounds wonderful."

"You're welcome," he said a bit smugly. "Then I saw your car in the parking lot---and lost my mind."

Carly raised her eyebrow. "Glad to help you find it again---and again," she added with a smokey laugh. She slid up just enough to capture his lips for a brief kiss. "Here I was just waiting for you."


Carly smiled. "It sounds a lot more romantic than I didn't want to go home to an empty house. With JJ California visiting Keith, Sage with Gwen for the weekend, Parker at the farm."

"Is that a good idea? Emma's not as young as she used to be."

"Don't let her hear you say that," Carly chided.

"You know he can be---creative."

Carly bristled involuntarily at the synonym for liar. She was not blind to Parker's faults, but she couldn't help but blame herself for most of them.

"He's not hoping to run in to Liberty, is he?" Jack wondered aloud.

"Because Liberty's mucking out stalls every chance she gets?" Carly replied, teeth clenching. She could probably count on one hand how many times Liberty had been back to the farm after she and Janet had moved out. And while she tried hard not to hold Janet against her, it was hard not to consider Liberty's Ciccone-ness as a blight. After dumping Parker, Liberty had begun dating the starting point guard on Oakdale Latin's basketball team. A fact that clearly made Parker miserable.

Reluctantly, Jack chose his words with care. "No. But Brad called me. Janet said he's bothering Liberty."

Wordlessly, Carly's lips compressed into a taut, thin line before throwing all her weight against him and surging off the couch. "Brad just had to call you, huh? Janet probably dialed the phone for him just to hear your voice."

"Don't." Jack came up behind her, grabbing her arm as she finished pulling her camisole over her head.

"Don't what?" she snapped back.

"Don't storm off leaving me standing here naked and hungry." It was just an absurd enough answer to make her pause. "Naked or hungry. Not both."

"Go dress yourself," Carly said, making the verb an epithet.

"Great," Jack clapped his hands enthuiastically, ignoring the fact Carly was hurriedly shimmying into her discarded skirt. "How 'bout omelettes?"

Before she could point out Al's was the only place open this early; he was at the office door. "Where do you think you're going?" she asked as she struggled with her zipper.

"Where omelettes are usually made---the kitchen."

"Health code violations are the least of your worries," she replied caustically, throwing his jeans squarely into his chest.

Before Jack could utter another syllable, the door crashed into his forehead, driving the knob into his thigh.

"Carly, I---" It took Henry a nanosecond, processing Jack's yelp of pain, his unclothed state, and Carly's startled look to figure out what situation he had walked into. His faced turned beet red.

The next second, Jack was pushing him through the doorway and against the hard brick wall, his arm braced just under Henry's throat. "What the hell are you doing here, Henry?" he barked.

"What--what--am am am I d-d-doing?" Henry stammered nervously. His eyes drifted down as he swallowed convulsively, only to snap back up. No man wanted to look at another man's junk. EVER. Well, at least any straight man.


With her raincoat now thrown on, Carly insinuated herself between them, driving Jack back enough to give Henry room to breathe. "Your pants," she hissed under her breath, flashing her eyes back toward the office.

Jack blew out a breath and slowly released his hold. "Don't go anywhere," he ordered, backing away as Henry scrunched his eyes shut.

Carly exhaled slowly, the tension leaving with Jack. "Henry---what the hell? Ever. heard. of. knocking?" she asked, punctuating each word with a satisfying thwack of his arm.

"Me? Me?" Henry flinched, expecting another volley. When it didn't come, he cautiously straightened up and inched away from her, loosening the knot of his tie that just seconds before had been uncomfortably pressed against his Adam's apple. "I certainly don't have to ask what you've been doing...in our office," he whispered sarcastically. "It's my office too," he added, frowning at the thought of the new throw pillows Vienna bought needing to be dry cleaned. "Knock? On my own door? I knew---"

"Knew? Knew what?" Carly demanded, jamming her finger repeatedly into his chest.

"Oh, please..." Henry threw his arm up to block her. "I'm not an idiot," he said, rubbing his chest where her finger pokes had stung. "You plus Jack...predictable, like Old Faithful or George Clooney dating someone Gorgeous with a capital G."

"That makes no sense at all," Carly retorted. "And it's none of your business." She ignored Henry's eye roll. "But tell anyone---and that includes the Swedish Blabbermouth you sleep with or Her Perkiness, and Jack will be the least of your problems."

"I'm not a gossip," Henry said defensively. "But I'd have thought the news would've brought the Twitter-verse to it's knees. A celebratory parade. Or at least a public rubbing of Janet's nose in it."

"I'm a private person."

"With your plots and schemes, sure. Not when it comes to Jack."

Carly scoffed. "That sounds like Katie talking. She still got a bee in that bonnett of hers? I'd thought Brad would have kept her---focused."

"You walked into the man's engagement barbecue waving a tiny little black dress under his nose. There's the legendary walk of shame through the Lakeview dining room Emily told me about, complete with a red ballgown. And don't forget the public dumping of wife number one in a punch bowl. Emily was bitter about losing that photograph for months."

"Exaggeration," Carly declared lamely, wishing for not the first time Oakdale was just a little bigger. Or had shorter memories. "The point is---this is not public. And I want it to stay that way, got it, buster?" A beat later she softened, adding, "and I'm sorry we embarrassed you. Jack was surprised, that's all. He flies into cop mode--it's not personal."

"That is one scary face."

"You wanna explain why you're here?" Jack interrupted bluntly, barefooted and shirt gaping open where buttons could no longer be found.

Henry couldn't help nervously twitching as he tried his best to ignore Jack's withering glare. "I think I left my phone here," he said to Carly. "I don't suppose it's in there?"

Henry's forgetfulness was a running joke with the staff. He'd even left it in the walk-in freezer once. Carly shook her head. "No one gave it to me."

"I'll check the bar." Henry spun, happy to make a quick exit. "Good morning. But it seems redundant," he added under his breath, scurrying off as Carly caught Jack's clenched fist and kept it at his side.

"Remind me why I shouldn't punch him in the face--- at least once?" Jack called out, his threat echoing into the empty bar on Henry's heels.

"He's the least psychotic partner I've ever had."

"That should tell you something." Carly set her chin defiantly, not amused in the least. "Don't look at me like that."

"It's not his fault," she replied as she trailed him back into the office, as he found one shoe in the wicker garbage basket and the other wedged under a bookshelf.

Jack hummphed as he sat on the edge of her desk to put them back on his feet. "This is ridiculous. I feel ridiculous knowing Henry Colman...naked and Henry Colman are never two words I wanted to use in a sentence, and now I have to because he has seen me naked."

"It's taken care of. He's not going to say---"

"That's not the point! I don't want to do this anymore. Sneaking around, making out in dark corners, acting like kids afraid of being caught by their parents."

"All this because Henry--"

Jack shook his head. "Why is it always this way?" he muttered. "Don't you remember how it was with Julia?"

The name still had the ability to ice the blood in her veins. "First wife or fake wife? I need a little clarification," she snapped.

"First wife."

"I know you're not comparing that woman---sadistic murdering bitch---to my son. Right?"

"Of course not. You do remember my solution? Caving to every petty demand until she "could deal with" a divorce. While we snuck around like criminals, to avoid upsetting her. You were fed up to here," standing as he raised his arm over his head. "You damn near left me---you as much as left me---because of it."

"This isn't the same thing at all. You ignored everything I said. I knew she was playing you. Parker isn't manipulating anyone. All of them need time. We agreed."

"I agreed not to spring us on the kids. I didn't think that meant I'd have to ask Parker's permission to move back into my own damn house!"

"I never---he's a teen---"

"Exactly, Carly. He's a teenager. "Happy" won't hit until he's twenty-five." Jack watched her purse her lips, no quick retort coming. "Don't you think he senses something? They all do? They're not stupid. Sage asked where we were going to take them on vacation this summer. JJ told Keith there'd be no room for a car of his in the garage. Maybe not being upfront makes it worse for Parker."

"What am I supposed to do Jack?" she asked softly. "He's sullen and moody. He's just getting by in school. The minute you pull into the driveway, he barricades himself in his room. If you are in the same room, he talks in monosyallables. I know it's hard, but I don't want to feel like I'm throwing him under the bus either."

"Maybe it's time he talks to somebody professionally."

Carly cringed. Then shook her head violently. "I'm gonna have to think about that, Jack."

"I think that's where we're at." There was a heavy silence. When she finally shrugged her shoulders noncommittally, Jack knew there was nothing else to say. He grabbed his coat, pressed a kiss to her forehead, and left.
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Re: Temptation---the next chapter

Postby bethann on Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:00 pm

Yay! This is just what I needed today! I watched some old Carjack clips this morning because I miss them SO MUCH, and then I came on here on a whim and a new chapter from you! :cloud

I've been wanting to post all day, but first I had to read your whole story again, just to remind me. Seriously, awesome and sorely needed. I love the little details about the characters that you put in there, like how Jack would take Carly's hand off his face and kiss it (that was in an earlier chapter) and how he looked way back when they first met.

Thanks for making my day!!! :cheer
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Re: Temptation---the next chapter

Postby terrabailey on Wed Jul 24, 2013 1:01 am

Awesome chapter! that was such a treat! I love watching Maura on GH but I really really miss Jack and Carly :heart
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Re: Temptation---the next chapter

Postby P.J. on Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:45 pm

bethann wrote:Yay! This is just what I needed today! I watched some old Carjack clips this morning because I miss them SO MUCH, and then I came on here on a whim and a new chapter from you! :cloud

I've been wanting to post all day, but first I had to read your whole story again, just to remind me. Seriously, awesome and sorely needed. I love the little details about the characters that you put in there, like how Jack would take Carly's hand off his face and kiss it (that was in an earlier chapter) and how he looked way back when they first met.

Thanks for making my day!!! :cheer

Thank you! (I had the exact same feeling when Bronwyn posted her newest chapter...) Watching clips inspired me---for whatever reason, I stumbled on their first kiss, which led to their first meeting...*sigh* who wouldn't have fallen for Jack at first sight?...which led to an entire afternoon of reminiscing.

After rereading it myself (I was a little fuzzy on the details) I tried to write this almost like a stand-alone. So I definitely appreciate that you took the time to reread. :heart

Awesome chapter! that was such a treat! I love watching Maura on GH but I really really miss Jack and Carly :heart

Thanks!! So do I. I'm sure she's doing her best (and on Y&R too...) but I miss Carly! And Jack, Parker, Sage...and even JJ, along with the rest of Oakdale. (Craig might be pushing it though.... :mrgreen: )
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Re: Temptation---the next chapter

Postby Brownwyn on Tue Jul 30, 2013 8:56 pm

P.J. wrote: Watching clips inspired me---for whatever reason, I stumbled on their first kiss, which led to their first meeting...*sigh* who wouldn't have fallen for Jack at first sight?...which led to an entire afternoon of reminiscing.

Thanks!! So do I. I'm sure she's doing her best (and on Y&R too...) but I miss Carly! And Jack, Parker, Sage...and even JJ, along with the rest of Oakdale. (Craig might be pushing it though.... :mrgreen: )

I was practically giddy when I saw you updated! :cloud I too re-read the entire story so far and enjoyed it just as much as I did the first time around. I cannot wait to see what happens with Parker when he finds out. I'm glad they're being sensitive about the kids and making things right for them.

As for your wonderful descriptive details, I know I fell for Jack at first sight... way back when in that green tshirt with those arms and those eyes... thanks for describing that moment so perfectly!!!

I miss them every single day and there are days that loss is felt more than others. I miss our Snyder family and the residents of Oakdale. Though to be honest... I have no problems living without Craig, LOL!
~ CarJacker for life!
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Re: Temptation---the next chapter

Postby P.J. on Fri Aug 02, 2013 3:01 am

thanks for all the kind words, Brownie!! (Thank God I didn't have to describe that priest get up he wore visiting Lily in prison...at least I think that's what it was, I don't think I've ever seen that clip on yt.)

I like to think of Scotty as Craig. :rotf But it's not like I'm wondering what Katie or Janet is up to now.... :devil
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Re: Temptation---ch 24 added 8/5

Postby P.J. on Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:44 am

Katie walked in to Al's at 11:45, in time to see Henry speed through the swinging kitchen door followed by the sound of shattering glass.

"Henry!" Vienna yelled crossly, followed by a string of Swedish muttered impatiently under her breath.

"What's got you in a mood?" Katie asked, plopping down in a counter seat. She recognized the intent, if none of the literal Swedish translation.

"My Henry. He is the cat with nine tails."

Katie's eyebrows knit together, confused. Which wasn't that unusual with Vienna's talent for mixing metaphors from several languages. "A cat has nine lives---"

"That would make anyone nervous."

"I guess. I'm here to pick up the WOAK lunch order," she carried on, wondering if Vienna's thoughts were really any clearer in her native tongue.

"It's almost ready. We're short of staff today. Which is why I'm here not getting my nails done," Vienna replied, stretching out her hand disdainfully to look at the sorry state of her manicure.

"Is Janet in the back helping?"

"No. She called in sick this morning."

The curt reply implied Vienna had been unhappily summoned to cover Janet's shift. "She's probably wearing herself out bartending nights at The Pines," Katie tried sympathetically.

"She better be."


Jack's mood was a shade darker than Vienna's as he trudged down to the kitchen. He'd waved off Emma's offer of breakfast shortly after sunrise, the fight with Carly sitting sourly in his stomach. Rest had eluded him; the more he thought, the more convinced he was he was right. Parker's reaction would only get worse the longer they waited.

"Good morn--" Jack grimaced, Henry's acidic crack ringing in his ears after the morning's fiasco. "Afternoon," he backtracked. It rang hollow, even to his own ears.

"There's soup on the stove," Emma replied warmly. She eyed her nephew over the tops of her bifocals. "You surprised me this morning," she observed, as he grabbed a mug and settled for coffee instead.

"They ended up working out a deal. Tiny room; no cable. Glad to go." The cable part was true anyway, Jack reminded himself. The room had actually been charming, with a terrace overlooking a pretty garden. And the king sized bed would have been a bonus in other circumstances. Taking another sip, he changed the subject. "Parker here? I thought I saw his bike."

"He spent the night. We started watching the Cubs game, it got late and I got the feeling he didn't want to go home." She rose easily from the table and refilled her own cup. "He--"

The screendoor creaked loudly, followed by the kitchen door. Holden entered, laying a handful of mail on the table. Jack forced himself not to scowl.

"Momma---she's trying to say he wanted out of here the minute he saw your car this morning."

"That so?"

"Asked him to stay---help me cut down some old apple trees in the orchard. When we came back for lunch, he saw your car was still here, and took off on his bike without saying another word."

So, the son who could barely tolerate him was happy to spend the morning with Holden? It was the last straw. "You couldn't have stopped him?" Jack asked angrily.

"It was pretty clear he wanted to go."

"Well, thanks for trying."

"Jack--," Emma intervened, long practiced at dousing fiery tempers. "---he came here on his own. Whatever's bothering him---he needs to deal with it in his own time."

Jack could see his worry reflected in the older woman's face. He grabbed her hand and squeezed it softly. "I think it's time to have a man-to-man talk with my son."

Emma nodded, buoyed by his confidence. From across the room, Holden frowned.

Jack was only steps from his car when he heard the screendoor bang behind him. "What, Holden?" he asked without turning around.

"Don't push him."

Turning and bracing his arms on the hood of his car, agitation burned through his body. It wasn't easy living with Holden, but out of respect for Emma, he kept cool and detached; politely civil. But this was fraying his last nerve. "Who asked for your advice?" Jack barked.


"That's complete bullshit. I wouldn't ask you for the time of day." Finding his fist spontaneously clenched, Jack flexed it open while he counted to ten. Deliberately lowering his voice, he added, "not anymore."

Holden refused to be intimidated. "When are you going to let it go? Why can't you? We're all adults. We've all made mistakes...grow up, Jack."

"That's your pitch? Grow up? You wanna know why I'm so pissed?" He came back around till they stood toe-to-toe and eye-to-eye. "I trusted you, Holden. Hell, I was glad. Carly and I---it was awkward. I was an ass, and I knew it, and I thought my cousin had my back. That he was helping my family. But you were just out for you. You just had to prove you were still that bad-ass, mullet-wearing rebel who could get into any woman's pants."

Holden's fist landed solidly on his jaw.

Jack staggered back, gingerly running his tongue along his teeth, tasting blood but no other damage. "If it had been anyone else, I would have seen it. But you were good old Holden. And I trusted you."

"So you weren't just too busy screwing Janet to care?"

Jack threw an upper cut, doubling Holden over with a hit to the solar plexus. "Carly could have died. Lily could have spent the rest of her life in jail."

Holden sputtered, bracing his hands to his thighs before taking in a deep breath and standing almost erect. "You know what you really hate, Jack? That someone out there could possibly know Carly better than you. That she could need any man more than she needs you. I'm living on the other side of your self-righteousness, and I don't understand how or why she put up with it for so long."

"Then we're even. 'Cause I damn sure think Lily deserves better than you. Serving her with divorce papers is the best thing that's happened to her in a long time."


Grimacing at the bluish smudges underneath her eyes, Carly brushed her teeth and twisted her hair up in a butterfly clip.

The silence she'd wryly joked about with Jack this morning still hung over the house while she poured her cup of coffee. So much so, she escaped to the back deck, hoping the fresh air would clear her mind.

She had lain awake for hours asking herself the same question she'd seen unspoken in Jack's eyes when he'd left...was Parker an out? Her excuse to not commit to the man she'd loved nearly half her life? It seemed ludicrous. Her concern for Parker was real.

But was their lack of openess making it worse? Would honesty automatically make it better?

Of course Jack would think so. Snyders were hard-wired to think that way. In Carly's experience, the truth hurt no matter when it came.

She couldn't blame Jack for being angry---she'd never imagined the situation going on this long. But the deeper the rift between Parker and Jack became, the longer she'd insisted on waiting. Now she was stuck.

There was only one other person she'd trusted as much about her son's well-being. "I could use a little help down here, Hal." she said aloud. "Please."

With no bolt of lightening or light-filled apparitions appearing to solve her dilemma, she went for a second cup of coffee and grabbed her phone from her purse. There was a plea from Sage to stay one more night at Gwen's, which she reluctantly okayed by text. The next message was a voicemail from Molly.

Hey Cuz...call me. Phone tag sucks. Unless you're doin' someone, call me back ASAP. And if you are doin' someone, I want all the dirt.

Color rose to her cheeks. She had been with Jack when the call came. Smiling, Carly pressed the send button. It wasn't that she'd been outright avoiding Moll, who was in L.A.. She wasn't all that sure Moll had mastered the time difference---most messages seemed to arrive in the wee hours after Carly was in bed. It went straight to voicemail where Carly left a short message of her own.

Tag, you're it! Get your ass off the beach and call me back. Be home all afternoon...click.

The door rattling startled Carly. Looking up, she saw Parker freeze in the doorway.

"Hello. Nice to see you."

Parker attempted a brief smile. "Hey Mom." With a half-wave, he started bounding up the stairs.


The stern tone stopped him momentarily. "I need a shower. I worked all morning, then I biked here. Reek doesn't begin to cover it."

Carly nodded, relenting to good hygiene. "When you're done, though, we need to talk."

"Homework," he protested. Raised eyebrows conveyed skepticism on that claim. "Paper's due first thing Monday morning."

"You'll have plenty of time. But I want you down here after that shower."

" 'kay," he muttered, darting up to his room.

As she listened to his muffled footsteps overhead, a thought crystallized in her head. Now, Carly.

If she had analyzed it closely, it would have sounded a lot like Hal.
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Re: Temptation---ch 24 added 8/5

Postby bethann on Mon Aug 05, 2013 5:19 pm

Aww, P.J., that last line was great! Loved it. Also loved when Jack called Holden a mullet-wearing rebel. Now, THAT takes me waaaay back!

You do such a great job of tying up loose ends in the Carjack saga. Jack and Holden never did have it out over everything. And it seemed like on the show, the entire Carly/Holden affair was all blamed on Carly. No one seemed to be upset at Holden. So good for you! I'd like to have seen that fight :devil

I wonder how Parker is going to react when he finds out what his parents are up to? Will he find out what his parents are up to? You're keeping me hanging here!
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Re: Temptation---ch 24 added 8/5

Postby terrabailey on Wed Aug 07, 2013 3:08 pm

Awesome! Can't wait for more :)
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Re: Temptation---ch 24 added 8/5

Postby Brownwyn on Sun Sep 08, 2013 1:56 am

I'm just now seeing this new update... am I slow or what, LOL!?

I absolutely LOVED that you had Carly talking to Hal... that was perfect! And I second Bethann in saying that the "mullet-wearing rebel" line was priceless, LMAO! :lmao And yes, Jack soooooo needed to really lay into Holden about the whole Carly thing. Holden got off way too easy IMO and I'm glad Jack hauled off and let him have it!

Cannot wait for the next update!!! :wtg
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Re: Temptation---ch 24 added 8/5

Postby P.J. on Mon Sep 09, 2013 4:24 pm

LOL...and here I was worried it was a little too bitchy cat-fight-ish sounding!! :hug
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Re: Temptation---ch 25 added 12/15

Postby P.J. on Sun Dec 15, 2013 6:01 pm

Helloooo and Merry Christmas my fellow Carjackians!!!

Chapter 25

Parker leaned heavily against the door to his room, the loud click barring the chaos of life from him.

And there was more coming. It was written all over his mother's face.

How stupid did they think he was? Well, probably pretty stupid if they thought family dinners, sitting together at his hockey games and those fake nothing going on here, guilty looks every time they entered a room together were fooling anyone.

Then again he had been fooled. Liberty had told him. Or rather accused them. Accused Jack of screwing around on her mom and then calling off the wedding when Janet confronted him with it.

He hadn't wanted to believe it---his mom had been so resigned to the wedding, telling them they needed to go and be happy for Jack. It didn't make sense.

So he'd laughed in Liberty's face, told her her new jock boyfriend had infected her with his stupidity along with whatever STD was running around the football team.

Until he'd walked in on them.

That's what cutting class had gotten him. When they said karma will bite you in the ass, they really meant it. He'd skipped out on his Biology2 lab--like there was any point to four kids dissecting one frog.

The plan was to sneak in the back, grab his skates and head to the rink.

Instead, he'd seen them. Staying hidden behind the garage, he watched as they stood in the doorway. Jack's back had been to him, but he could see his mother's face clearly. She fussed with his jacket, looping a scarf around his neck before standing on her tiptoes to kiss him.

It was a scene Parker had witnessed hundreds of times. Caught up in someone's arms, resting his head on a shoulder, a hand softly patting his back as goodnight wishes or promises for tomorrow were made.

For a moment, he was a child again. Needing nothing more than a smile feel safe and happy. Eager to be thrown into the air at the end of a long shift, or chased by the tickle monster until he was rolling on the floor giggling uncontrollably.

But then, as now, the ending was the same. Jack leaving, and his mom staring after him, offering a wave until he was out of sight. Then the smile left her face.

It was at that moment Parker knew. His mother was in as deep as she had ever been.

Frustrated, Parker pulled his sweaty shirt off over his head, forcibly throwing it at his hamper. When it fell short, he stomped over, threw it in, and kicked the hamper for good measure. His only thought as he headed into the shower was that he needed to get his mother out of this mess. NOW.


Even with looking up, the sharp, angry raps on her door announced Jack's presence on her porch. Heaving a sigh, Carly swung the door open, but remained unyielding in the doorway. "I don't want to fight, Jack."

"I'm not here to argue," Jack denied impatiently, scanning the living room over Carly's petite frame. "Is Parker home?"

"He's upstairs," she replied, casting her eyes upward. Motherly instinct pushed Jack back as she stepped onto the porch and closed the door behind her. "What do you want, Jack?" she asked, folding her arms across her chest.

"I want to talk to my son!" His scowl deepened at Carly's wary stance. "Do I need your permission?"

Carly raised her eyebrow at the sarcasm. "No," she shot back. "You don't need my permission...not that you'd ever ask for it. But I will need an explanation for the steam curling out of your ears. And that bruise," she demurred, laying a finger alongside his jaw to get a better view of the damage. "Please tell me that's not Parker's doing."

"Of course not!"

"That door have a name?"

"Is it any of your business?"

Carly's eyes narrowed slightly at the testiness in his tone.

Jack held up his hand. "I'm sorry---I really don't want to fight. I just need to feel like I'm doing something. Otherwise everything is going to slip through my fingers again."


"Don't tell I'm overreacting. My son won't talk to me. You're keeping me at arm's length. This isn't the way it's supposed to be---"

"I'm not keeping you at arm's length--"

"Of course you are." Jack shook his head gently. "If you trusted me--trusted this--telling the kids wouldn't be an issue. We would talk---"

"Now we don't talk? You drive me crazy. All I wanted was a little patience, a little circumspection, and you act like I've grown three heads. The truth is, Jack Snyder, you want everything on your timetable," Carly hissed. "And when something or someone doesn't, you just go find someone who will."

"Is that what you think I do? Take in anyone off the street and plug them into my life?"

"Well, I've refrained from calling Janet a streetwalker, but if the shoe fits---"

"I can't believe you---"

"And just how long did you wait between my "no" and asking Janet to marry you? A day? Two?"

"You kept shoving Janet at me. You told me Janet was good for me."

"Dating, Jack. Not marriage, for crying out loud! If I'd known what an idiot you'd be I'd have---"

Jack pounced, closing the distance between them. "What would you have done, Carly?"

"You've got a short memory, Jack. I tried, remember? I showed up at that damn hotel room and made a fool of myself. You said it was too hard living with me. All you wanted was "peace". And Janet. Nothing I said or did was going to stop you."

"And yet, here I am. I didn't marry Janet. I couldn't. You're right, I was an idiot to propose to her. I was an even bigger one to walk away from you. I've spent every day since trying to figure out how to fix it." His voice was thick with emotion. Then he sighed heavily. "Just tell me you love me. And I will figure out a way to hang on as long as I need to."

"Of course I love you---"

"Today, I need to hear it."

Carly took his face in her hands. "I. Love. You. With every inch of this scarred heart."

Jack closed his eyes, savoring the words as they washed over him. "I love you too. I was wrong to say those things to you that day. I want you by my side---always. Whatever road I find myself on---I want you there."

"I called shotgun a long time ago, G-man." A lightness bubbled up inside her chest as Jack took one hand and pressed a kiss into her palm. "Maybe I've been hanging on to more baggage than I thought."

"Where do we go from here?"

Carly smiled. "Anywhere we want." She ran her thumb over the growing bruise on Jack's face. "But first, let's put some ice on that." Taking his hand, they walked into the kitchen, where she took a cold compress from the freezer and laid it gently against his jaw. "So what did Holden do to tick you off?"

"Breathe---" Jack answered unwittingly. He then colored a bit, realizing she'd figured it out on her own. "How'd you know?"

"Parker plus the farm--not too hard to figure out." And she knew things had been strained between them since the affair came out, but it seemed unnecessary to bring that up.

"I let him take the first shot."

"Very magnamious of you."

"It was," Jack scowled. "Can we not get into this right now?"

"Okay," Carly agreed slowly, knowing Jack needed to deal with that in his own way, in his own time. Just like Parker would. "I think we need to plan---"

A light, insistant knock at the front door interrupted her mid-sentence. "I better---" Another series of brisk raps interrupted that thought as well.

Jack refused to loosen his grip on her wrist, pulling her deftly to him. The intensity of his gaze made her heart skip a beat before he lightly brushed his lips over hers. "That couldn't wait," he said, his husky whisper caressing her as warmly as his arms.

A third round of knocking echoed through the living room, heavier and more persistent. "They're not going away," Carly said regretfully, pulling away.

Determined to dispatch the interruptor with dizzying haste, Carly had barely opened the door before being engulfed by the smells of salt, sand and coconut oil attached to a head of lively black curls.


"Well...duh." Molly pulled back to arm's length from the bear hug. "I know it's been a while--"

"I'm just surprised. I just---just---left you a message a couple hours ago. And here you are," Carly stuttered, a little confused.

"I know. I was already at O'Hare when I checked my messages. I really have to teach you how to text. I laughed so hard everyone around me kind of backed away. Like the parting of the Red Sea for potentially crazy people."

"C'mon Moll--"

"Seriously," Molly replied, holding up three fingers in the girl scout pledge. "Security even gave me the evil eye until I unleashed this smile and slipped another button open. But enough about me." She gave Carly a long, meaningful assessment up and down. "I knew it! You're getting laid."

"What?" Carly sputtered, every nerve in her body suddenly jolted by a verbal bolt of lightening. "I...I..I---Parker's upstairs, for crying out loud!"

"That's not a denial," Molly smiled slyly. "'Fess up, cuz...who's the guy? I want dirt."

Carly shook her head. "I don't know where you get these crazy ideas---"

Just then, Jack poked his head out from the kitchen. "I checked the furnace, Carly. It seems to be fine now. Hey Molly...back for a visit?"

Carly knew they were sunk. Molly could smell a bad cover story a mile away.

"I think we have a prime suspect," Molly said with a chesire cat-like grin.
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Re: Temptation---ch 25 added 12/15

Postby bethann on Mon Dec 16, 2013 7:08 pm

Yay! New fanfic! Feels like it's been forever.

Loved your description of Carly tending to Jack's bruise. I could definitely see it.

Wonder what Parker is going to do about all this???
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