Thank you, Maura and Michael!!!

Sadly the end of As the World Turns is near as well as for our beloved couple, CarJack.  The ending is set and hopefully, it will be a happy ending for them.  Over the last 13 years, it is Carly and Jack that have kept many of us watching As the World Turns.  We may not have always liked the stories and it certainly was tough at times, but Michael and Maura kept us loving Jack and Carly no matter what the writers did to them and always rooting for them to be together.

So it's time to let Michael and Maura know just how much their hard work has meant to us over the past 13 years, so please join us in the Thank You Campaign.  Below you will find some postcards that can be printed and mailed to them.  I'd also encourage additional emails and snail mail letters letting them know just what Carly and Jack have meant to us over the years.  You can also on the reverse side of the postcard, draw a line down the center and on the left write a short message and put the address on the right side.


Taping for ATWT has now completed.  If you still want to write to Maura or Michael, you can emailOr we now have a new address to use.


Michael Park or Maura West
P.O. Box 515
Nyack, NY 10960


Email the actors.  Be sure to put the actor's name in the subject:

Maura West:

Michael Park: